Learn all about GST with Cleartax Free GST ebook. This online GST book explains the basics of GST, comparison with current tax system. Background. Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) across India with effect from 1st of July is a very significant step in the field. Download · Featured · Real Estate – New GST Rates and Challenges! CA Pritam Mahure 2nd Budget: Copy of Finance Bill February 1.

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PDF | India is a Tax driven economy. This tax is levied on business owners, entrepreneurs and salaried people. The revenue thus generated by imposing taxes. Type of Invoices under GST. 2. Time Limit for issue of Invoice. or paying tax under composition scheme shall instead of a tax invoice, issue a bill of supply . goods and generates e-way bill on the GST portal. Rule of the CGST Rules, provides for the e-way bill mechanism and in this context it is important to.

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Let us look at this example: Online websites like Flipkart and site delivering to Uttar Pradesh had to file a VAT declaration and mention the registration number of the delivery truck. Tax authorities could sometimes seize goods if the documents were not produced.

Again, these e-commerce brands were treated as facilitators or mediators by states like Kerala, Rajasthan, and West Bengal which did not require them to register for VAT. All these differential treatments and confusing compliances have been removed under GST. For the first time, GST has clearly mapped out the provisions applicable to the e-commerce sector and since these are applicable all over India, there should be no complication regarding the inter-state movement of goods anymore.

Read a more detailed analysis of the impact of GST on e-commerce. Improved efficiency of logistics Earlier, the logistics industry in India had to maintain multiple warehouses across states to avoid the current CST and state entry taxes on inter-state movement.

These warehouses were forced to operate below their capacity, giving room to increased operating costs. Under GST, however, these restrictions on inter-state movement of goods have been lessened.

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As an outcome of GST, warehouse operators and e-commerce aggregators players have shown interest in setting up their warehouses at strategic locations such as Nagpur which is the zero-mile city of India , instead of every other city on their delivery route.

Reduction in unnecessary logistics costs is already increasing profits for businesses involved in the supply of goods through transportation. Visit here to read more about the impact of GST on logistics.

Unorganized sector is regulated under GST In the pre-GST era, it was often seen that certain industries in India like construction and textile were largely unregulated and unorganized. Under GST, however, there are provisions for online compliances and payments, and for availing of input credit only when the supplier has accepted the amount. This has brought in accountability and regulation to these industries. Let us now look at disadvantages of GST.

Please note that businesses need to overcome these disadvantages to run the business smoothly. You can specify the address of the folder where you want the invoices to be saved. I have done this so that I can use the name — shDetails — in my code and it would continue to work even if you change the name of the sheets in the worksheet.

Where is the code in the workbook? The code is placed in the back-end of the Excel workbook in a module.

To access the code, follow the below steps: Click the Developer tab. Click the Visual Basic option.

This will open the VB Editor window. In the Visual Basic editor, double-click on the Module to open its code window. You need to right-click on any of the workbook objects, go to Insert, and then click on Module.

This will insert a new module. Making the Double-click functionality to Work The above code does all the heavy lifting, but you need to connect it to the double-click event. This means that the above VBA macro code needs to run whenever someone double-clicks on the filled cells in the client name column. Basic concepts and features of goods and services tax in India. Goods and Services Tax Council.

Free GST PDF Ebook – Download GST Explained PDF

An empirical analysis on goods and service tax in India: Possible impacts, implications and policies. Goods and service tax.

A tax for economic growth. The impact of GST goods and services tax on the Indian tax scene.Paradigm, 16 1 , 80 - The portal shall generate a number that is valid for 30 days from such date. I am Working in One Flour Mill, I want to now regarding invoice that can we make invoice with taxable items and tax free items?

Check Other Interesting Posts. Invoice Template — This is a placeholder template of the invoice where some fields are left empty. Basic concepts and features of goods and services tax in India.

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