This is part of the article “PIT in English. How do I submit a tax return form step by step“. In this text I describe one of the two easiest ways to submit a PIT form. 37 jak wypełnić pit 37 pit 36l pit 37 pdf program pit szybki pit druki pit pit 36 druk pit 37 instrukcja jak wysłać pit przez internet pit 37 formularz pit program pit PIT TAX. DECLARATION. FOR STEP BY STEP. Identification of taxpayers. PESEL number You submit a tax declaration form PIT

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The pit itself is a very common archaeological feature across dif- ferent .. The two skeletons in pit and the child's skeleton in pit 37 were laid out with. Submission of PIT tax return on registered income. Payment of monthly PIT/ CIT advances for the month following Submission of PIT/PIT annual tax. 10) Tax forms: PIT–37 or PIT for preceding year (if the permit is to be renewed ),. 11) Proof of good standing from local Treasury Office (i.e. no tax arrearages).

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However, if you have a trusted person who speaks Polish well, we recommend you to invite them to help you with the process.

In some cases for whatever reason where the Ministry does not have you data, eg.

Nazwisko: you need to include your surname here. Pierwsze imie: you need to include your first name here.

Data urodzenia: your date of birth. Kwota przychodu uzyskana w roku przez podatnika wieksza od 0: Revenue earned in by a taxpayer greater than 0.

If you fill in five times wrongly the data, the access will be blocked. If you are successful with your verifying data, you will get the confirmation of PRF being generated from the data provided to the Tax Administration.

Poradnik PIT: jakie dokumenty i kiedy składać?

You will see your employer data and you can click OK on the pop up window. If you had more than 1 employer in , you need to check out if the data from all of them is provided. Now you are redirected to the actual PIT form pre-filled for you.

You have to click OK on the pop up window which informs you that you have to provide the adequate tax office in your declaration. If you are not sure which one to provide, you can ask your employer for help or go to the closest tax office in your area and confirm if this is the right office for you. The addresses of tax offices in Tricity can be found at the end of the NIP article.

All the below data in the just generated online form should be pre-filled with your personal data just verify if all is correct and the amounts of taxes these should be in line with your PIT numbers. No calculations needed by you here!

Turn in the form In the main interface we can choose one of 4 options. We can check all the available forms, history of our settlements, legal acts and settings of the program. We can choose one of the forms from the list on the left. We move down to find a PIT form.

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There is one last instruction to read: In the instructions they tell you four things: 1. Some bigger cities are counties themselves.

Check if your city is a powiat, like in the picture below. In this case we choose an option M.

Why did they tell us this? So they mentioned that in the instruction to prevent frequent mistakes.

Fill out the form Personal data on the form should be already filled in on the basis of the information that we typed in in the previous steps. Choose the 6.

You can also confirm that on the website that I showed you before. Nazwisko — Surname Ulica — Street The Case Study of Svilengrad. Chapman, J.

The accumulation of a large number of contemporary pits in the same place speaks against accidental or haphazard use. Loom weights are manufactured from clays with numerous organic and inor- ganic inclusions.

This situation changes in cult places, located on mountaintops or in the semi-mountainous regions of Thrace.


As with most known sites of this type, the Svilengrad structures vary significantly in shape and size. Pits within a settlement 4. This service is available only for people who can use the PIT form. Pits within a sanctuary Pit sites in the last category on the list are actually depots for dumped temple inven- tory, similar to Greek bothroi, so their function is different from the rest of the pit types.

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