Mental Bank Ledger Workbook - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Mental Bank Ledger. Mental Bank Ledger - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. mental. The Mental Bank Ledger is the workbook that accompanies the self-improvement program outlined in the text "Success Is Not An Accident: The Mental Bank.

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Dr. John Kappas created the Mental Bank Concept to change the subconscious mind. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE PDF COPY The Mental Bank Ledger is used to track and measure the Value. success is not an accident by John G. Kappas, January 1, , Panorama Publishing Co. edition, Spiral-bound. The Mental Bank Ledger might sound like a ridiculous product to download because we're well into the computer and smartphone age, but hand writing is everything .

It also goes back to the central nervous system, bypassing the critical area of the mind and entering the subconscious. Writing in script is most effective.

Printing is digital and does not bypass the critical mind. This is the time when a persons mind is overloaded and is in a natural state of hypnosis. Another important advantage is that something taken onto the mind at this time goes into the precognitive stage of dreaming, instead of the venting stage.

The mind takes the information that was input during the magic 30 minutes and attempts to predict the most probable outcome based on what it has just learned.

The mind naturally wants to be prepared for the next day. J ust through repetition alone, the mind will accept the Mental Bank information as a new program and vent out the old program in the venting stage of dreaming. The Mental Bank allows us to take control of this natural process.

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The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and what is vividly imagined. When we visualize or script something, the information goes into the subconscious mind as if it were real. An interesting experiment has validated this theory. An experimenter randomly divides a large group of men into three smaller groups.

One group practiced shooting free-throws into a basketball hoop for several weeks, the second group visualized shooting free-throws, but did not practice, the third group didnt practice or visualize.

Not surprisingly, the last group made no improvement, in fact, they got worse. The group who practiced actual free-throws for several weeks improved the greatest, but only slightly better than the group who just visualized shooting free-throws.

What we script or visualize becomes a known to the subconscious mind. Knowns represent emotional pleasure to the subconscious mind.

Unknowns represent emotional pain of the subconscious. Our knowns become our comfort zone. Our comfort zone dictates a lot of our behavior.

Anytime we get much below that amount, we get motivated to get back up to our comfort zone. The mental bank is a way to consistently expand our comfort zone upward. The amount of income should be based on our average yearly income. Use the gross amount, not the net.


The idea of this is to live off the interest instead of the principle, so to speak. To figure out your hourly rate for value events, cross out the last three zeros of your Mental Bank goal, i. Choose them ahead of time, and only pay yourself for ones you have written down. Use it as a book mark for your Mental Bank Ledger.

This will make it easier to refer to. For the balance, well focus on three categories when choosing our value events.

Happiness, Success and Prosperity. If you want faster results in one area, then focus all your value events on that area. Pick one or two goals for each category and come up with value events to accomplish those goals.

Bonus events are things we should be doing, but are more difficult for us. The rate for bonus events would be at least double the standard value event. Value events can be paid on an hourly basis or a per event basis flat rate.

The Mental Bank program is simulation designed to bridge the gap between your present experience and your goals. About the Book.

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Workbook using principles of the Mental Bank, developed by John Kappas as a way to set goals and reorganize your life. The Physical Object Format The idea of this is to live off the interest instead of the principle, so to speak. To figure out your hourly rate for value events, cross out the last three zeros of your Mental Bank goal, i.

John Kappas, the founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute HMI , the nations first accredited college of hypnotherapy and where I received my training as a hypnotherapist. You can go to www. John Kappas, present the Mental Discover ideas about Invoice Template Word. Free PDF download.Quickly get definitions, word origins, pronunciation and more brought to you by Dictionary.

mental bank programme notes

The Mental Bank is not a positive thinking program. Sumon Mallick. Make sure to focus on that to keep you going!

Do it every night for one week to start!! There are five 5 synergistic ingredients that make the Mental Bank powerful. Fun seeing that big check each time!

In this exercise, you determine a goal, calculate the formula, and then pay yourself every night for the value events done towards your goals that day.

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