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FOCUS. Elevating the Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning. By The argument of this book is simple: if we choose to take take just a few. Focus, a process capable of galvanizing an individual's attention and As David Butler and Lorimer Moseley point out in their book Explain Pain (). Access a free summary of Focus, by Daniel Goleman and other business, leadership and nonfiction books on getAbstract.

Your willpower increases if your work reflects your personal values. We must also follow our hearts and intuition, for they know what we want to be and where we want to be, he said. Our irrational feelings and biological reactions to information are bottom-up circuits that simplify our decisions, guiding our attention among the best options.

The better we become at reading these stimuli, the better our intuition becomes.

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We need to get to know ourselves to evolve our focus. The Power of Emotional Resilience Emotional resilience comes into play as we recover from the setbacks of life.

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Highly resilient people have their left prefrontal brain area, part of our most developed top-down mechanism, to prevent emotions from sequestering their thinking ability. Developing yourself as an individual is essential if you are to become emotionally resilient.

You can do this in two ways, both of them focusing on understanding how you operate. The first of these is self-knowledge. If you can understand your strengths, weaknesses, and your likes, you will be able to work on these qualities to develop emotionally. The second is to use metacognition.

If you understand the processes that lead you to learn new things and the processes that hinder you, you will be able to stop problematic mental habits. Understanding Empathy Empathy has two main forms, cognitive empathy, and emotional empathy. The first enables us to see the world through the eyes of others and put ourselves in their place. It allows us to observe, for example, whether a person is happy or sad just looking at their expression.

Psychopaths, for example, use this kind of empathy to manipulate people according to their interests. Emotional empathy allows us to feel what others are feeling.

Focus Key Idea #1: Attention is the key to high performance in a world of endless distractions.

It is a physical phenomenon that makes us feel sad and happy from a stimulus from another person. This kind of empathy is based on the actual sharing of feeling with the other person. Understanding how empathy works is essential to develop our ability to focus, because the more empathy we have with the other person , the more she feels we care and the more she feels heard.

However, there are times when we need to isolate ourselves from the emotions derived from empathy to stay calm and focused on what needs to be done, even with emotional complications. We have the habit of focusing on the immediate and forget the long term, dismissing a systemic thinking model, in which we have a vision of the whole. This predisposition is innate and comes from our bottom-up mind. It is necessary to train our mind so that it always takes into account this wider context because when we try to solve a problem focusing only on the short-term result, we arrive at partial and temporary solutions.

An interesting example of this adopted by Goleman in the book is the problem of traffic jams. The short-term solution is simple, just increase the width of the roads.

But in the long run, traffic jams happen again, and mass transportation is no longer viable. Our incomplete mental model of bottlenecks exists because we do not take into account the systemic dynamics of transport as a whole. If we rely only on them, we run the risk of being the frog in a pan of boiling water. We will die cooked, without understanding why! Focusing on the broader context of any problem enables us to think not only of the immediate effects but also of the distant future.

For a leader, knowing how to direct is even more important than your professional qualifications or your IQ. Successful leaders have self-knowledge and know how to capture the attention of their people.

They also know that to give direction to them, and the direction must have meaning. Successful leaders are always seeking new information because they need to understand the system where they act and have a great synergy between their emotional reality and that of the people they seek to inspire.

One of the biggest challenges, in this case, is knowing how to listen, which is a characteristic related to emotional empathy.

Today, not knowing how to listen is almost an epidemic in companies, and to lead , we need to talk less about ourselves and pay attention to what matters to others and to the group. Also, good leaders also know that their followers look up to where their attention is. Therefore, it is important to have a clear and strategic model of organizational focus.

Inspiring leaders strive to empower and contribute to their employees and the community.

Final Notes:

A good leader always focuses on identifying and developing the potential of others. It only hires people who can not find work and would not normally be accepted by the job market. We roast brownies to hire people. What Makes You a Good Leader? Once you have acquired empathy, self-knowledge and are able to influence people, how do you stand out and be sure that you have become a good leader?

In practice, it is being able to mentor and advise your mentees with mastery. One must always keep in mind that: You are able to articulate with energy to your followers an authentic view of the reasons why you are taking this direction and make expectations clear to them; To understand, to really care about what people look for in their lives, careers and in their work and, and from there, give them advice; Listen to advice and experience.

Always collaborate with the team and know how to use consensus when necessary; Knowing that celebrating wins, laughing, having fun with your team is not a waste of time but a great tool for developing yourself emotionally. If you are a leader and adopt these practices, you will probably develop a team with high performance and alignment. A good team is focused on developing self-knowledge of its members and bringing up discussions before they explode. In addition, to ensure the harmony of your team, Goleman also recommends that you meet your team periodically and talk frankly about the dynamics of the team, so the group understands and decides what changes should be made.

Scientists have proven after long and extensive research that no single area of the brain has the power to handle the system recognition exclusively. Float carelessly through life 2.

Focus and the power-absorption 3. Think and then become Float carelessly through life Do you know that we differ from one another regarding navigation?

download the book. Start getting smarter: In this summary, you will learn How your brain exerts attention; How to use three kinds of focus; and How to build your focus to enhance your learning, performance and leadership.

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Summary Paying Attention How well you pay attention affects every aspect of your life. Read on.

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More on this topic By the same author. Included are over 50 practice techniques designed to make your practice more effective, focused and enjoyable. No matter what instrument you play, the three practice plans will help you use those techniques to learn music faster, play it more musically and perform more confidently.

The book is in a convenient PDF format so you can read it on any computer or mobile device, or print it out to read whenever and wherever you want. If you have ever felt stuck, confused, frustrated or alone, practicing harder and not getting the results you want, this book will give you a new perspective that might just change everything for you. Here's to your harp happiness! Anne Sullivan Instructor Harpist Anne Sullivan began her concert career at age twelve when she appeared twice as soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra.Understanding this functioning is essential to developing your focus and knowing which area is working in each moment.

Other focus smooths our connections to the people in our lives. Consider, for example, the problem of traffic jams. Your mental sickness is the cause of lacking focus, and endangering the creativity, you put in your daily endeavors.

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