A list of 20 new digital marketing books you should read in , such as Digital China, POINTS Methodology and SEO for Growth in Looking for the right digital marketing book to expand your knowledge? BrightEdge reviewed dozens of books and picked out the best ones. If you're a complete beginner in digital marketing, it's best to start with the books. Authority online resources will certainly have their influence on.

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Here are top 7 digital marketing books I recommend that every digital marketer should read to master the fundamentals. Digital Marketing books are the result of the knowledge of the world's best marketers who have spent years researching ways to market. Here's a list of top 15 digital marketing books (with brief about each book) which will help you build foundational skills for success in Digital.

The book is digital only and free. If you have never bought a digital book before this would be a good one to start with because it is free. You do not need a site or dedicated reader, you can read it on your laptop or smartphone. See the blog checklist. The very practical step model is: 1.

Define Your Goals 2. Choose Your Site Name 3.

Book Supporting Materials

Manage Your Technology 4. Define Your Target Audience 5. Identify Your Keyword Phrases 6. Define Your Blog Categories 7. Create Your Content Strategy 8. Create Your Blog Publishing Schedule 9. Decide What Type of Content to Publish Decide Who Will Do What The authors provide an excellent review of and links to free tools you can use to apply their advice.

Digital Marketing Books

So it really delivers on its title and I highly recommend it. Blogs make sense for all kinds of websites because they create a section for deep authoritative content useful for new visitors and those moving down the funnel.

Recent research shows that pages ranking in position 1 and 2 in Search are averaging more than words, and a blog is one of the few places on the site that can handle the volume. A few blog tips I will add for corporate marketers and SEOs: 1.

Target demand before you start writing 2. Write at least words 3. Use keyword-rich titles and H1s, and H2s 4. Use 3 images per post with image alt tags 5. Interlink your blogs and pages 6.

Link from the blog to content that causes leads or transactions 7. Update your blogs and refresh the publish date 7.

There were only 9 physical books and 5 digital books on the topic on site. I reviewed 3 of them and recommend this one.

Read more on marketing automation. Email Persuasion covers the basics and intermediate-level email strategies, including: 1.

19 Best Marketing Books To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy

The Customer Insight Mapping technique for building deep understanding of what your clients need and what will motivate them to download from you. The advanced techniques for turning email subscribers into paying clients and why accepted wisdom on selling in emails is almost all wrong. I particularly like chapter 4, Talk to Me: Writing Emails that Engage and Persuade, which explains the key to voice and effective messaging. But how do you handle all that data?

How do you know what data is relevant to your analysis?

This book will help you use that data in a way that makes a difference for your digital marketing strategy. The Internet brings you in direct touch with your target audience. The relation goes the other way, too — the consumer is directly connected with your brand. They will make their experience and recommendations public.

The best part is that this book teaches you how to develop a digital marketing strategy in the most affordable way; by targeting your audience via social media and other platforms.

As the title itself says, the author proves why smart marketing is not about hype. They will choose it only if you convince them that it gives them the greatest value for their money. The key takeaway is: instead of just trying to be amazing, make sure to be useful, too. Digital marketers have a lot to learn from him.

Best Digital Marketing Books 2019

We have a lot to learn from this book, in particular. Social media is a huge part of digital marketing.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms are incredibly accessible and easy to use. Making your story noticed, however, is not easy at all. Jabbing, on the other hand, stands for the patient process of engaging customers and building relationships with them. This book tells you how to achieve the winning balance between jabs and right hooks.

The book is focused on the designer-client relation, but you can certainly translate most of its observations to seller-client relations. The point is: you must make your clients feel valued. When they are paying for your products or services, they must be sure that they are getting tons in return.

The book exposes specific techniques that can elevate the effectiveness of a digital marketing project.

Then Chris Brogan should have your attention. In this book, he shows us that strange people make it in the online world all the time. The good news is that there is space for everyone on the Internet.

No matter how weird your product or marketing campaign is, you can always reach your target audience. Chris Brogan will teach you to appreciate being different, and use that as the highlight of your campaign.

Content Inc.In Mobile Marketing, digital marketing expert Daniel Rowles wants readers to upgrade their definition of mobile technology.

Find out if the book truly delivers — Get it on site. How many books have you read in the past week? This growth hacking book is all about growth hacking case studies. The Internet brings you in direct touch with your target audience. Get access to the step-by-step growth strategy and plan used by a growth marketing agency that has grown multiple companies from idea to seven figures in sales. This book discussed how affiliate or performance marketing is a misunderstood term and basically represents something positive: paying only for marketing that delivers actual, quantifiable results or outcomes.

And the smart blogger inspires loyal readers to refer their friends, family members, colleagues, and fans.

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