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And perfect. I love them, too.

Tara helped me with the design. He said when he was a baby, he walked at ten months, so he thinks Sam will walk early, too. I want him to stay my cuddly baby as long as possible, though he can crawl through the house like a speed demon. I have to watch him every second, or he disappears.

And where is he? When I told your mom I was meeting with the two of you this morning, she asked if she could have him for a couple of hours.

Or come over whenever you want.

Not that I want any of my own right now. Too busy. But your kids? Love them madly.

And of course as you know, Texas ended up winning the Big 12 Conference championship this season. He confuses the hell out of the defense. And I tend to agree with you. Some of these boys leave school too soon, the lure of the big contract and big money too much to resist. The longer they stay in college, the more experience they gain. Or at least stay through their junior years, then finish up their degrees later. We just hope he makes the right one. Liz parted ways with Tara and Jenna, then headed home, hoping to find Gavin there.

Which was fine with her.

She had some work to do, anyway, so she opened her laptop and answered a few emails. When she was done, she reviewed her calendar. It was going to be an extremely busy holiday season. Not only was Jenna getting married—with Liz taking a very active role in that, which she was very excited about—but in addition, she and Gavin would be hosting Christmas for the Riley family in their home this year. Kathleen and Jimmy Riley had been family to her—more parents to her than her own—since before she and Gavin had ever gotten together.

She loved them so much, and they were genuinely warm people. So there was no pressure, other than the normal pressure she put on herself, which was always high. The Riley family was formidable, and now that there were wives and kids and significant others in the picture, Christmas was going to be huge this year.

And Liz intended for this to be the best holiday ever. She made a few notes about food. Nothing but homemade at Christmas. This would totally work.

She leaned back in her chair and stretched, then thought about Gavin and that wretched pregnancy test from earlier. She pushed back and stood, heading into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. She poured tea into her cup and leaned against the kitchen counter. Gavin pulled back. I forgot Jenna and Tara were coming over. She let out a rueful sigh. Bad idea. Jenna arched a brow.

I was about to call you.

End of Excerpt

Were you in the shower? I was upstairs getting dressed. Come on in. Oh, my God, you were having sex.

Burton Jaci - [Play By Play 8,5] - Holiday on Ice [ang].pdf

Geez, Liz, you could have called us and told us to come back later. It was an impromptu thing.

Tara nodded. Just working on putting healthy stuff into my body just in case it happens someday. I should stop asking you all the time about it. It was negative. That has to be frustrating to want it so badly. But you just need to relax and give it time. But maybe if you did try to relax a little, it might happen?

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And she also said I should relax. Even this. What were you all whispering about in here? Do you want to take a seat and hear all the details? Do I have to hear details, too? Like Jenna would ask him to go over invitations or something. After he left, Liz motioned to the bag sitting next to the sofa. I thought you might want to see them. Ty and I put it off for so long.

I really wanted to just go to city hall or maybe to Vegas for a quickie wedding.

Or even the marrying type. Until Gavin came along. I never believed in the whole commitment thing until Ty. So I caved. The upper quadrant had a musical note and a hockey stick coming up through it, signifying parts of both Jenna and Tyler, with their initials woven through it. And Ty.

And perfect. I love them, too. Nothing like winding down after a particularly grueling game. Trick had found a comfortable spot leaning against the wall, watching the guys take their shots, when the door opened and two women walked in.

Not that women being in the bar was unusual, but these two caught his eye. Tall, with short hair and big blue eyes, she stood out even across the room.

She was slender, and wore black leather boots over skintight jeans. She had on a long coat that hid the rest of her body, but Trick knew that body well, just like he knew the woman well.

Stella Slovinski. She was a dancer, and about as busy as he was during his season. Jobs, probably. He sure liked seeing her right now.

So did every other guy in the place. She shrugged out of her coat, and he saw she was wearing a body-hugging top. March, maybe? It had been more like a series of hookups. His lips curved at the thought. He took his shot, and when he finished, he grabbed another beer and took up his spot against the wall, trying not to look at Stella, while still watching her.

He wanted to talk to her. It would be po- lite to go over and at least say hello, right? If nothing else, they could put their relationship to bed. So to speak. He pushed off the wall and headed her way. Trick, this is my sister, Greta. He stretched out his long, oh-so-fine body next to hers.

It had been a long time. Greta was pretty, blonde like her sister, with her hair worn longer and pulled back in a ponytail. And where is out of town, Greta? All the decorations are up for the Christ- mas holidays. The tree at Rocke- feller Center is amazing. And the window displays are works of art. I love it! I talked to the head of the firm as well as the VP. Trick liked that Stella pumped up her sister. And what do you do, Trick?

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I should have known. You have the fierce, competitive look about you.

How come you never told me this?Or what an amazing and giving lover he was. I might have a pimple coming up on my chin. Tall, with short hair and big blue eyes, she stood out even across the room.

She smiled against the rim of her teacup. Oh, my God, you were having sex. Do you want to take a seat and hear all the details?

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