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the satanic conspiracy that now confronts us with maximum force and evil. "This satanic .. news is a farce. As is the case with the financial institutions, which are . Other than supporting factors such as infrastructure, finance, time, family .. Graduan Ulat Buku Tak ke Mana: Tiga Kelemahan Nyata Siswa ialah Kurang Nevertheless if ghadhabis influenced by desire and satanic whispers, it will cause. If you are living a life of defeat, of being defeated by sin, by perpetual guilt and condemnation, by sicknesses, by anxiety attacks, by financial lack and by broken .

Grace is a person and His name is Jesus. Therefore, there is no grace teaching without Jesus Christ. You cannot separate Jesus and grace! Similarly, to further discern if what you are hearing is the gospel of grace, note that grace does not point to your efforts, your performance or your doing.

The law makes one self-conscious. Under law, the burden is on you to perform. Under grace, the burden is on what Christ has performed on the cross. He was talking to people who were weary and heavy laden by the requirements of the law of Moses.

The yoke of the law is hard and heavy. Jesus came to reveal grace, and the yoke of grace is easy and light because it involves none of you and all of Christ. He has borne the burden of sin on your behalf. Under grace, your part is to only believe on Jesus Christ, and when you believe, you are blessed and made righteous! This is a lie from the pit of hell!

No man can be saved except through our Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life No man comes to the Father and receives eternal life except through Jesus! There is no grace without the person of Jesus. True grace always makes Jesus the center of everything. It is time for the church to tear down these fences of controversy around grace and start unveiling more and more of Jesus.

This is the heartbeat of my ministry — the unveiling of Jesus and seeing more of Jesus, His loveliness, His perfection and His grace. Begin to see that the devil has entrenched fences and built strongholds that are so fortified that today, they are like thick walls. These thick walls surround the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. By the grace of God, we are going to pull down these thick walls, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.

Start receiving the treasures that were downloadd for you by the blood of Jesus, and begin reigning in every area of your life! Chapter 4: Tomorrow, I am responsible for my sins. This is what many believers are hearing and believing today: Sometimes God is good, sometimes He is not!

Sometimes He is happy, sometimes He is not! They are tossed to and fro, never anchored on the rock of Jesus Christ. Such believers are living between two covenants — the old covenant of law and the new covenant of grace. They believe in a mixed message that tells them that there are times when God is angry with them and times when He is happy with them.

The Black Book of Sa Satan

God is angry with me when I do wrong. Under law, God demanded righteousness from man. Under grace, God provided righteousness for man. Under law, everything depended on man and his obedience. But under grace, everything depends on Jesus and what He did on the cross. The law demands, but will not lift a finger to help, while grace imparts and has accomplished everything on your behalf. Have you noticed that in the old covenant based on the law of Moses, it was all based on what YOU had to do and not do?

Compare this with the new covenant of grace where the Lord says: Hebrews 8: He will do everything on our behalf.

In fact, because Jesus has already died on the cross for us, He has already done everything on our behalf. Jesus came to establish the new covenant of grace and under this new covenant, God is no longer angry with you because His anger and wrath have already been exhausted on the body of Jesus on the cross. Grace imparts righteousness and has accomplished everything on your behalf.

Pay close attention to this, for it will radically transform your life: Jesus cannot lie! And if the anger of God has already been completely exhausted, how can God be angry with you today? The reason many believers are living a life of defeat is that they believe the LIE that God is angry with them.

The reason many are not able to reign in life and experience a life of victory is that they carry around with them this guilt and condemnation that God is angry with them because of something that they have done in the past. My friend, be careful when you hear sermons that make God look like an old man with a big stick, waiting to unleash His wrath on you when you fail to live up to His standards!

When I was growing up in the Lord, that was exactly how I pictured God. In my mind, He was an elderly, unsmiling man with white hair, white eyebrows and a white beard. I used to see Him holding a big club, waiting to bash me on the head as soon as I sinned.

Of course, when I grew in the understanding of God, I started to see Him without that big menacing club, but He was still not smiling and He was still very old. In heaven, there is no curse. We are forever young.

He is forever young, strong and loving! He is not wielding a club and ready to punish me. His arms are spread wide, ready to embrace me. My friend, do you see an angry God today, or a God who is smiling and ready to embrace you? Today, He is always well-pleased with you because of Jesus Christ. Let that truth sink in and fall in love with Him all over again. Several years ago, I was walking to my car after a preaching engagement when a guy came running after me from the auditorium.

I explained that while God has wrath, the Bible never defines God as wrath. But for you and me, believers in the new covenant, we are not part of the Old Testament and we will never be punished because we have already received Jesus. As believers, God is no longer angry with us because all His anger for our sins fell upon Jesus at the cross. Jesus became the Lamb of God who takes away all our sins.

After I had explained this, he thanked me. The disturbed look that had creased his face had given way to a smile. I believe that as he walked away, there was a peace and assurance in his heart that God was no longer angry with him because his sins had already been judged completely on the cross at Calvary.

There are many sincere believers today who are like this man. They believe that God is a God of love, but at the same time, they also believe that He can be a God of great wrath. When they read the Bible, they get confused because they see an often-angry God in the Old Testament, but a loving God in the New Testament. Is God schizophrenic? Is He really angry sometimes and loving at other times? Rightly Dividing The Covenants It is important that we understand that God works through covenants because that explains how God blesses people.

Think about this for a moment: Were they cursed because God is a God of wrath? No, they were cursed because they had failed to keep the terms of their covenant.

It was a covenant that depended on their ability to keep the law and they could not. The good news is that you and I are no longer under the requirements of the old covenant. To put it simply, we are blessed because Jesus is good, and He made us good and accepted by washing away all our sins with His own blood! We have to rightly divide the covenants.

Listen carefully to what I am saying: God is holy and righteous, and He hates sin. There is no question about that. But the full anger and judgment of God against sin fell upon Jesus on the cross. Have you ever wondered how it was possible for Jesus to be punished for sin since He committed no sin?

The Bible says that He who knew no sin became sin1. Jesus committed no sin, but the past, present and future sins of humanity were all collectively punished on His body! He knew no sin, but was punished for our sins.

So God has not gone soft on sin. Sin has been judged at the cross of Jesus! So all your sins have been forgiven, and it was accomplished through one sacrifice, by one Man. His name is Jesus. His blood that was shed forgives all your sins — past, present and even future sins.

Many Christians have the erroneous belief that only their past sins have been forgiven. They believe that when they received Christ, only their past sins were forgiven.

So they believe that they have to be very careful from that point onwards. That was the impression that I was given by preachers and teachers when I was growing up. It refers to all the sins of our lifetime!

He forgave all — past, present and future — of our trespasses! Understand that Jesus does not have to be crucified again for your future sins. They were all forgiven at the cross as well!

Let me illustrate it this way. Imagine that you and your family have managed to wriggle your way to the front of a jostling crowd in Disneyland, where the street parade is about to start.

Donald Duck sails past and your children wave in excitement. Next comes Goofy, and then Pluto, and wow… is that Mickey coming up next? We have a linear perspective and we see events unfold day by day. He is up there, high above the parade, and He sees all the floats from the beginning to the end. In the same way, when God forgave your sins at the cross, He saw the sins of your entire life from beginning to the end. God has taken all your sins, even the sins that you have not yet committed, and put them all on Jesus.

Or does it make you want to live a life of honor that glorifies your God, who loves you so perfectly and completely? It is His grace and forgiveness that gives you the power to overcome sin. Testimony Of His Grace I received this written testimony from a precious brother in my church: Pastor Prince, I just want to share with you what the grace of God has done for me in my life. I was born into a Christian family.

When I was growing up, I was forced to attend church. All I learnt was that Jesus hung on the cross, but why He was there, I did not know. I hated going to church. In high school, I got involved with gangs, and started to smoke and drink heavily.

I started to live a life of crime, stealing, vandalizing and getting into fights. I became rude, hot-tempered and extremely vulgar. My parents, teachers and school counselors tried to help me, but nothing worked.

I frequented the pubs every day, and became a heavy drinker and smoker. Most of my friends were drug addicts. I got involved in armed robberies and I saw my life going into a downward spiral. It went from bad to worse and there was a cry within me for things to change. This whole bondage by the devil came to an end just a few years ago when I got to know this girl called Faith. Even though Faith was a new believer, she would tell me about the grace, mercy and love of God, and why Jesus died for me.

I was amazed at her knowledge of Jesus. I was born into a Christian family, but this new convert knew more about Jesus than I did. She then brought me to her church, called New Creation Church, and as you began to minister, I felt a warmth all over me and I started to cry.

I felt like I was falling in love, but I did not know with whom. From that point on, my life was no longer the same. Jesus began to deliver me from so many bondages. I heard you share a testimony about how another church member was delivered from a smoking addiction by confessing the righteousness of God and I started to do the same. I would smoke and confess that Jesus had taken my smoking addiction on the cross and that He still loves me even though I was still smoking.

Amazingly, two weeks later, nine years of heavy smoking and six years of alcoholism were gone! And as time went by, Jesus delivered me from the gang that I was in. I was even delivered from many other bad habits, like my addiction to pornography. I truly became a new creation in Christ Jesus! Everyone who knew me was shocked at my transformation. I was even healed of a year urinary problem. I used to have to go to the toilet many times in the night, but now I am able to sleep through the night in peace.

Pastor Prince, what man could not do, Jesus did. It was the grace of God that changed me. I did not deserve it, but I thank God for the blood of Jesus. He took me just as I was and now I am a child of God.

When I heard you preach the grace of God, I did not go out to start a new gang, smoke, drink or sleep around. In fact, it was His grace that changed a wretch like me. I believe that God has blessed me to be a blessing. I want to spread this good news that only Jesus can make a difference in our lives. Pastor Prince, your ministry has blessed me. I have been attending New Creation Church for five years now and I am proud to say that this is my church.

Victor King Singapore Hallelujah! You see, the more revelation you have of the grace of God and His forgiveness, the more you will have the power to reign over all your challenges and addictions. We Have Been Robbed Many Christians have been robbed of fellowship and intimacy with God because they believe the lie that God is still angry with them because of their sins.

They avoid having contact with God, thinking that He gets angry with them whenever they fail. So instead of going to God when they fail, they run in the opposite direction.

Instead of running to the solution, they run away from it. The truth is this: God is no longer angry with you. His wrath toward all your sins has already been exhausted completely on the body of your Savior Jesus Christ. All your sins have been judged and punished in the body of another. Schizophrenic teaching that tells you that God is sometimes angry and sometimes happy with you based on your performance is unscriptural and will make you a schizophrenic believer.

God is present tense love.

Stop being robbed of true intimacy and a relationship with your gracious and forgiving Savior Jesus Christ. Instead of avoiding Him when you fail, know that He is the answer to all your problems. You can go to Him and receive grace for your failures. His grace is greater than all your failures. He loves you perfectly, so go to Him with all your imperfections. In the same way that He restored that precious brother from our church, He will love you into wholeness!

The more revelation you have of the grace of God and His forgiveness, the more you will have the power to reign over all your challenges and addictions.

Buku satanic finance pdf

Soon after the tragedy of September 11 had taken place, some believers publicly declared that God was judging America because of its sins. Preach it! Thousands of people died, and many families, friends and loved ones were thrown into grief.

How can that be the work of our loving Father? Read the Bible for yourself. Terrorism is the work of the devil. It is not the work of our loving Father. My friend, God is not judging America or any country in the world today.

America and its sins have already been judged! At the cross of Jesus! Sin has been judged at the cross! Ahaziah deployed a captain with 50 soldiers to confront Elijah, who was sitting on top of a hill. So Ahaziah sent another captain with 50 men, and again, fire came down from heaven and consumed them.

Ahaziah then sent a third captain with 50 of his soldiers, but this time, the captain pleaded with Elijah, and his life and the lives of his men were spared3. As for Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible records that the Lord rained brimstone and fire on the two cities. When we read the Bible, we need to follow the advice that Apostle Paul gave to his young apprentice, Timothy.

Many believers today are living as if the cross did not make any difference!

God wants us to be able to rightly divide the Word. He wants us to be astute in rightly dividing and clearly separating what belongs to the old covenant of law and what belongs to the new covenant of grace. He wants us to be able to distinguish what occurred before the cross from what occurred after the cross, and to understand the difference the cross made. See for yourself what Jesus Himself said about what Elijah did.

Do you remember the time when Jesus wanted to enter a certain village in Samaria, but the people there refused to receive Him? No, of course not! Read your Bible. Jesus wants you to have full assurance in your heart today that He did not come to condemn or destroy you. He came to save you7! The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that you may have life, and have it more abundantly8. He promised Abraham that if there were only 10 righteous men in Sodom, he would not destroy the city for their sake9.

For I cannot do anything until you arrive there. Folks, what happened on September 11 was not an act of judgment from God. Reject such bad news in the name of Jesus. Instead, start receiving the good news of Jesus. When you are faced with difficult circumstances, keep on believing in His love for you that was demonstrated on the cross and He will cause whatever the devil meant for evil to be turned around for good, and to His glory! When the devil throws lemons at you, God will turn them into lemonade for your enjoyment!

There was a young couple in my church who had lost their baby due to some complications. That was really cruel! We may not have all the answers, but we can have full assurance that the negative circumstances that we may sometimes experience are not the works of God, neither are they punishments for our sins.

When we have this confidence that God is for us and not against us, we can believe for restoration, breakthroughs and good things to happen to us.

Our church leaders told the young couple that it was not the Lord punishing them for their sins. They reminded them that all their sins have been punished at the cross of Jesus. This helped them to remove all the guilt and condemnation that they were carrying in their hearts.

Since then, the Lord has blessed them with a beautiful baby. I noticed that these couples had one thing in common: After they heard the good news of the gospel of grace, it liberated them from all guilt and condemnation. Instead of believing that God was against them or punishing them, they started believing that He was for them. They started trusting aggressively in His grace and goodness.

And without fail, restoration always came. When He restores, His restoration is always greater in quantity or quality. But think about it: If those couples continued to believe erroneously that God was punishing them because of their sins, they would never be able to muster the courage and hope to trust God for restoration, for a new child. My friend, your sins have been punished on the cross. God is on your side. And if God is for you, who can be against you? Pastor Prince, early last year, I was diagnosed with a tumor on the pituitary gland in my brain.

The MRI scan showed that the tumor was a macro-growth of about 1. The neurosurgeon at the Singapore General Hospital said that if I had seen him any later, the tumor would have affected my eyesight as it was pressing on my optic nerves. I was presented with two options: Immediate surgery to remove the tumor the risk of surgery was that besides a 20 per cent failure rate, I could become blind in one eye or medication I was told that medication would take a long time to work and most patients only experience a shrinkage in the tumor after a year or so.

What the doctors had found out and said about the tumor was devastating news to me and my family. I remember telling myself that if I were to lose my eyesight, I would not want to live anymore. It was during this time that my family resolved to commit the whole thing to God, to trust and rely on Him entirely and pray for healing.

We opted to go with taking medication. Within a month of the medication, the level of prolactin in my blood decreased and the balance of chemicals in my body became stable. I was very encouraged, and most importantly, I felt confident and secure that my God was doing His work of healing in my body, that He loves and cares for me enough to know that I was hurting and to do something about it.

The doctor was amazed and kept saying that in most cases, even when a tumor had shrunk by so much, there would still be remnants of tumor cells. But in my case, the tumor was completely GONE, with no trace of any tumor cells at all! No words can describe how grateful and thankful I am to God.

I know that it is God who has healed me. This deep sense of knowing that I am deeply loved and cared for by God makes me so secure in my relationship with God. I want to give all the glory and praise to God. I am what I am today — healed, whole and at peace — only because of the preaching of the good news of the gospel of grace!

But praise God He brought light into her situation, and showed her how much He loved her! You will never find an example of God punishing a believer for his sins in the new covenant. When David sinned against God by committing adultery with Bathsheba and plotting the death of her husband, Uriah, sin was imputed to David and he was punished.

No, he was looking prophetically into the covenant of grace. He was describing you and me — a new generation of people who are under the covenant of grace!

Does it mean that you will never sin again? Did Jesus die on the cross to free us from committing sinful actions or harboring sinful thoughts? If He did, then allow me to conclude with reverence that He failed. You and I know fully well that we can still be tempted with sinful thoughts and tempted to commit sinful actions, and there will still be times when we fail.

Can you show me a man who is free from all temptations and who never fails? My friend, when David described the blessed man as one to whom the Lord will not impute sin, he meant that even when this man sins, God will not count his sin against him, nor punish him for his iniquity.

Too good to be true? That is why David defined this man as a blessed man. And this blessed man is you and me! Today, you are blessed because the Lord no longer counts your sins against you. Because of the cross of Jesus, you will never be punished for your sins again. Your sins were imputed to Jesus, so that they would never be imputed to you.

Under the new covenant of grace that was sealed with the blood of Jesus, God has already judged sin completely on the body of Jesus Christ. Your sins have already been imputed to His account!

Look at what John said: He represents you before God and as Jesus is, so are you13! Is Jesus righteous before God? Then so are you. Is He accepted before God? Is He well-pleasing before God? Now, will the revelation of what Jesus has done for you cause you to go out and sin? In fact, knowing that He has borne your punishment will cause you to fall in love with Him.

It will give you the strength to break free from sin! Not A Big Sinner? I think that I have kept all of the laws of Moses. Have you ever blown your top at your spouse? And have you ever undressed a woman in your mind? If you have, then you are also an adulterer.

It is our Lord Jesus. Man brought the law of Moses down to a place where he thought that he was able to keep it. But Jesus came and brought it back to its full and righteous standard. Man can attempt to keep the law outwardly like the Pharisees , but Jesus has demonstrated that it has to be kept inwardly as well. If you fail inwardly, you fail outwardly too. Jesus showed us that it was impossible for anyone to be justified by the law.

Only He could fulfill the law on our behalf and justify us by His grace! He does not grade on the curve — when you fail in one, you fail in all There is no person on the face of this planet who does not need to depend entirely on the grace of God because there is no man who has not failed in his own efforts to keep the law!

The good news is, even when you fail, God does not judge you for your failure. All our sins have been judged at the cross. The Evil Conspiracy When I was growing up as a young Christian, I was taught many things about God which robbed me of any desire to build a more intimate relationship with Him.

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I was told that the more I knew, the more God would hold me accountable, and my punishment for falling short of His expectations would be more severe than someone who knew less.

When I got hold of this teaching, I knew exactly what not to do. I decided not to touch the Bible, since the more I knew, the more I would be punished by God.

I would rather be ignorant than to learn more about the Word and attract greater chastisement should I fail! So I left the Bible alone and refused to turn up for any Bible study classes.

I was also taught that the closer I drew to God, the more trials and tribulations I would experience. Have you heard this one before? Can you see how wrong teachings about God can rob you of all that He has for you? As I grew in the Lord, He opened my eyes and I realized that the teachings that I had received were not true. Contrary to what I had been taught, I found that the closer I drew to God, the closer I was to the Answer to all my problems.

I was drawing close to the miracle worker. I was drawing close to the healer. I was drawing close to the provider, my Jehovah Jireh! As long as you continue to have a wrong perception of God and withdraw from Him, the devil can keep you bound in a life of defeat. In fact, it is the devil who would love for you to fear God in an unhealthy way , so that you would stay away from your only source of help.

The devil would love for you to stay away from the Bible because it is the book of your inheritance, and it tells you what belongs to you through the blood of Jesus Christ. The devil would love for you not to find out the truth, so that he can keep you in bondage, sickness and poverty.

There is an evil conspiracy to keep you defeated. One of the most evil teachings that I have heard is that God will chastise His own with sicknesses, diseases, accidents and tragedies. When I was a teenager, one of the youth leaders in my previous church was involved in a horrible accident that nearly killed him. What did he do to cause God to chasten him this way? Whatever it is, please, just tell me, all right? I will listen. I promise!

Do you know that this erroneous teaching is actually based on the old covenant and not the new covenant? You are no longer under the covenant of law. Jesus has already borne all your chastisement and punishment on the cross. Read it for yourself in Isaiah Isaiah The prophet Isaiah saw a prophetic vision of our Lord Jesus on the cross, bearing the punishment for our transgressions. Jesus has already been chastised on our behalf!

The truth is that what the movie portrayed is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our Lord really suffered on our behalf. During the time of the Roman Empire, the soldiers had various instruments of cruelty and torture at their disposal. To each chain was attached many metal shards and hooks, so that when a prisoner was beaten with it, the metal shards and hooks would latch onto his flesh and rip it apart when the whip was jerked back.

The chastisement that we deserved came upon Jesus, so that you and I will never have to go through what He endured on our behalf. And by His stripes, we are healed!

So how can anyone have the audacity to say that God will still chastise us with sicknesses, diseases and accidents today? To say this is to negate the finished work of Jesus Christ! Under the new covenant, God will never again chastise the believer for his sins!

By His stripes you are healed! Whatever condition you have today, it is not from the Lord! Look to Jesus on the cross. See Him beaten and scourged, and receive healing and wholeness from Him. He has paid the price for your total healing. Today, He redeems your life from destruction3! Hebrews chapter 12 states it very clearly: Read on. Would you give your son a terminal disease to teach him a lesson? Then, why do you think that your Father in heaven would do that?

Now, think about this for a moment: No way! Let me give you a Bible study tip: My friend, what lesson is there to learn after the person dies from that terminal illness? You need to be alive for the lesson to be useful. There is no use for patience when one is dead!

Let me say this again to make it very clear: Sicknesses, diseases and accidents are not lessons from God! When you train a child, you give lessons that teach the child things that will benefit him in the future.

There is no future if the child is dead. God would never use sicknesses and accidents to teach you and me — His children — lessons! We can expect grace, not punishment. We will never be punished in the old covenant way ever again! In the new covenant, while there is no longer any punishment, there is child training, but God does not train His children with sicknesses, diseases and accidents any more than you and I do!

Would you torture your own son with sicknesses, diseases and pains to teach him a lesson? Would you force your son to put his hand into the fire until the smell of burning flesh fills the kitchen to teach him not to play with fire or to touch a gas stove?

Parents who do such things should be incarcerated! Sadly, there are still Christians who accuse our heavenly Father of afflicting them with sicknesses and accidents to teach them lessons.

What kind of God do you think we have? He is our Abba! Abba is the most affectionate term you can use to address a father in the Hebrew language.

Do you really think that your Daddy God will punish you this way? If you earthly fathers know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more your heavenly Daddy who loves you! We can receive protection from every evil occurrence, sickness and disease.

Read Psalm and look at all the benefits that Jesus has downloadd for you with His own body: Psalm Come on, believers. By the way, if the people who insist that God uses sicknesses to punish believers truly believe that, why are they going from doctor to doctor trying to get healed?

On the one hand, they say that their sicknesses are from the Lord, but on the other hand, they are trying to get rid of them. Stop believing the LIE that God gives you sicknesses, diseases and accidents to punish you or teach you a lesson.

I always tell my congregation not to leave their brains at home when they come to church. I honestly find it difficult to understand why there are believers today who fight vehemently for the right to be sick, broke and defeated when God is full of grace and mercy, and wants us to be healthy, prosperous and protected from all evil occurrences!

Reject anything which even remotely suggests that God is angry with you, and is going to discipline you with sicknesses and accidents when you fail! The Bible, not human conjectures, must be used to interpret the Bible. Thorns in the Bible refer to personalities that harass you. It is just an expression and does not refer to an actual pain or disease in our necks.

Paul himself tells us what the thorn is. So it was clearly in reference to an evil personality who instigated people to attack, gossip and backbite Paul everywhere he went preaching the gospel.

And what did God tell Paul about this thorn in the flesh? He was so anointed with the resurrection life of our Lord Jesus that even when his handkerchief touched the sick, they were healed. Have you been fed this lie before? My friend, that is utter nonsense and utter cruelty. God does not punish sin in the new covenant with sicknesses and diseases because sin has already been punished on the body of Jesus.

His blood has already been shed for the forgiveness of all our sins. When you received Jesus Christ into your life, all your sins were washed away. It is a finished work. Anyway, the lady approached our church leaders for help and they shared with her that God has already punished sin in the body of Jesus. When he saw her, he tried to avoid her. The good news of Jesus always liberates and His perfect love removes every fear. Come, my friend, it is time to rise above all these teachings that have no biblical basis, and which are not based on the new covenant of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Whenever you hear a teaching that puts fear in your heart, you can be sure that what you are hearing is not the gospel, or good news, of Jesus. The good news always imparts faith and exalts the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross! Chapter 7: The Gospel That Paul Preached Beloved, you must eradicate this idea that forgiveness of sins is a basic teaching.

Think about it: If it is really basic, why is it that so many believers miss it and are defeated by their lack of understanding? The power of the gospel is to live each waking moment having the confidence that all your sins have been forgiven. Contrast this with living with a perpetual sense of guilt and condemnation that comes with thinking that when you sin, fellowship with God is broken, He no longer answers your prayers, He is far away from you, and until you repent and confess all your sins, the Holy Spirit will not return.

So how can forgiveness of sins be a basic teaching? There are too many believers and even pastors, preachers and leaders, many with wonderful titles and Bible school credentials, who are still confused about the teaching of forgiveness.

The best way to understand the gospel, therefore, is not to base it on what you have heard from various sources, but to go back to what the apostles preached in the early church.

After all, Paul was the apostle whom God appointed to preach the gospel of grace. He received more revelation on the new covenant of grace than all the other apostles put together, and was responsible for writing more than two-thirds of the New Testament. Observe how the Holy Spirit describes this man: One, he was without strength in his feet. The Holy Spirit used three different descriptions to emphasize how the man could not walk and was facing a seemingly impossible situation.

Yet, when he heard Paul speaking, he was filled with faith to be healed! How did the man come to be filled with faith?

The Bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ1. The man at Lystra was filled with faith because he heard the word of Christ! You see, faith does not come by simply hearing the word of God because the word of God would encompass everything in the Bible, including the law of Moses. There is no impartation of faith when you hear the Ten Commandments preached. Faith only comes by hearing the word of Christ. Only when Christ is preached will faith be imparted.

You can preach from Genesis to Revelation from the perspective of Jesus and His grace. In my church, I am known to preach and teach extensively from both the Old and the New Testaments. I love talking about Jesus! What Did Paul Preach?

What could Paul have been preaching that was so powerful that it imparted such faith to this man so that he could believe for healing in his impossible situation? There is a place for teaching divine healing. I even have a whole series of teachings on divine healing. Faith for healing can also come when you are simply hearing the gospel! Anyway, I wanted to know what Paul preached at Lystra, so that I could preach the same message and impart faith to people.

So I asked the Lord what Paul preached. I mean, how could the Holy Spirit leave out something so important? If only He had recorded it in the Bible! He told me to go to the previous chapter and showed me that right there, in Acts chapter 13, the Holy Spirit had preserved a sample of the gospel that Paul preached everywhere he went. Acts There is no other qualification for being forgiven of your sins. The old covenant was based on justification by works obedience to the Ten Commandments.

You had to perform to be forgiven. But the new covenant of grace is based entirely on justification by faith believing in Jesus Christ. Can you see the radical difference? The demand is no longer on you, but on Christ.

This is the good news: All who believe in Jesus receive the forgiveness of all their sins and are justified from all things! Good news? There is no better news than this! I can just imagine how the man at Lystra responded when he heard Paul proclaiming that he could be justified from all things if he only believed on Jesus. When he heard Paul preaching about the good news of Christ, faith came and filled his heart. Instead, he must have believed with all his heart that if he believed in Jesus Christ, he would be forgiven of all his sins.

The faith to be healed came from just listening to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have experienced this time and again in our services. The more revelation you get of His finished work, the more you will receive an impartation of faith for any situation, even the seemingly impossible ones!

One of my dear friends, Marcel Gaasenbeek, shared with me about a wonderful healing miracle which took place in his car as he was driving to Romania with a few friends. Marcel is a pastor of a dynamic grace church in Holland, and on this particular day, he was on his way to Romania for a preaching engagement.

He was listening to one of my sermons in his car, something that he did often. This friend had been involved in a jet-ski accident some years ago and since then, he often suffered sharp pains in his back. Somehow, through the fog of sleep, he heard me preach this: At that moment, he felt the power of God go through him, and today, he is completely healed! All the pain in his back is gone!

The more of Jesus you hear, the more of His grace you receive. And the more revelation you get of His finished work, the more you will receive an impartation of faith for any situation, even the seemingly impossible ones! Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet and tav is the last. The moment I finished quoting the verses, the chimes that were on the stage behind me started to play by themselves!

There was nobody near the chimes. My musicians do not sit on the stage behind me when I preach. Everyone was seated in front of me as usual. The chimes played beautifully by themselves, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, from the first to the last of the chimes. This was witnessed by more than a thousand people who were at the service. Everyone in the service could hear the crystal clear notes coming from the chimes. The anointing of God swept through the auditorium.

Some people started crying, while others glorified the Lord and started clapping. It was beautiful. It was the Lord. Exactly at the point when I had finished reading the two verses on the forgiveness of sins, the Holy Spirit fell upon our congregation and hugged us.

Anyone who has heard the sounds can vouch that there was no way the waves of music from the chimes could have been caused by a gust of wind or some other natural cause. It was a supernatural event.

God was confirming His Word with a sign. The chimes were played very deliberately. I can just imagine an angel of God running his fingers down the length of the chimes softly, before allowing His fingers to sweep through the chimes again… and again.

You have to hear it for yourself! By the way, this service, like all our regular services, was captured on both audio and video recordings. If you do get hold of the recordings, you will be able to hear the chimes playing distinctly.

The cameraman was caught off- guard. He was completely stunned by this supernatural occurrence and just kept the camera focused on me. Now, let me share with you why that night was particularly significant to me. During that time, there were some vindictive emails being circulated about our church and me.

There were several false accusations by people who called me all sorts of nasty things. Unbeknown to me, many of our church members had read those poison emails and were very affected. I wanted God to speak to me. They had read the emails and wanted to hear from God. I was stunned! So many of my church members were asking God to speak to them, and when the chimes played so supernaturally, it was a confirmation from the Lord about the accuracy of what I had been preaching and they decided to disregard the poison emails.

Without me even knowing about the venom that was being circulated about me, the Lord had vindicated me. He is my defense. Through the years, many people have written and said all kinds of horrible things about me.

I have been called all kinds of names, but I have never retaliated in any way. My trust and confidence is in the Lord. I have never lifted a pen or spoken one negative word against any of my accusers. In every situation, I just pray that it redounds to the greatest glory for Jesus and to the greatest good for the body of Christ.

He told me that people would call me names and persecute me. And the persecution has indeed come. This is consistent with what Jesus Himself experienced. When He walked on this earth, the only people who could not receive from Him were the Pharisees, the experts on the law.

They knew the law inside out, but not the author of the law who was standing right before them. It shows us that legalism blinds people — legalistic people have eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear! In contrast, those who acknowledged that they were helpless sinners the prostitutes, corrupt tax collectors, uncouth fishermen and social outcasts did not know the law as the Pharisees did, but they received and welcomed Jesus with joy!

After Paul had finished preaching, the Gentiles begged that the same sermon be preached to them the next Sabbath. For the whole city to show up to listen to Paul, the good news that he was preaching must have spread like wildfire across the city! The marriage ended on 2 July In , Rushdie had an operation to correct ptosis , a tendon condition that causes drooping eyelids and that, according to him, was making it increasingly difficult for him to open his eyes.

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Ceremonial rituals involve a set text which is followed by the participants, and the wearing of ceremonial robes together with the use of certain items having magickal or Occult significance.

However much of the symbolic and the artifactual are fused in everyday life, it is nonetheless useful to separate them for analytic purposes. If a transmission view of communication centers on the exten- sion of messages across geography for purposes of control, a ritual view centers on the sacred ceremony that draws persons together in fellowship and commonality.

And then, the first hour into our death some- one else rewrites the biography for us—our children, our spouses, our friends. I decided not to touch the Bible, since the more I knew, the more I would be punished by God. When you train a child, you give lessons that teach the child things that will benefit him in the future. Finally, I passed a happy season at the University of Georgia in its School of Journalism, undistracted, as a visiting professor celebrating the bicentennial of our first public university.

But when we turn critical attention to American culture the concept dissolves into a residual category useful only when psychological and sociological data are exhausted.

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