Editorial Reviews. Review. This is best book of my saved my this book was not in my He has penned four bestsellers: You Can Win, Living with Honour, Freedom Is Not Free and You Can Sell. Born into a simple business family. An easy-to-read, practical, common-sense guide that will take you from ancient wisdom to modern-day thinking, You Can Win helps you establish new goals. This book will help you to excel in the art of cooking and win the hearts of your family members and friends. You can alter the quantity of the ingredients used in .

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Popular Hindi Titles. Choose from millions of great eBooks at Rakuten Kobo. See reviews, enjoy a free preview and start reading in seconds! Read More with. Results 1 - 10 of All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other This book exposes you to strategies of gaining total control of your mind; see. if you want hindi books in pdf for reading you can visit google books. this is the best way to read books online but on google books many books.

About 50, publishers publish a volume of , books each year, nearly half of the titles are in Hindi and English. This puts India at the 7th rank globally in terms of the number of books published. The biggest players on the market are site and Flipkart. The business model of site in India differs from the one in the US. While in America site has two business models: ecommerce and it is a marketplace for third party sellers.

In India however, site. The internet penetration is growing fast; the online market is globally among the fastest growing ones in India which manifest in more content consuming online and through devices, especially mobile phones. Thus ebook sales are driven by smartphones, tablets and mobile commerce.

As the Indian ebook market gets more and more mature, e-reader devices are picking up slowly but surely. Although they have not been particularly popular so far which has to do a lot with the significant presence of the younger generation that prefers tablets and smartphones over ebook readers. Therefore, content publishing startups like Pratilipi , Matrubharti or Juggernaut have a significant advantage.

Digital publishing The Indian ebook segment is an arising market with lots of potential. It is projected to be an 85 million dollar industry in and is expected to grow 3 to 5 times in the next three years. Ebooks in Indian languages are slowly increasing due to the technological challenges.

However, free content is a key element of adopting ebooks in India. site has a strong presence in India, and it supports content from Indian languages such as Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil or Marathi.

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Kobo has a store. Lately, it is more known for its e-reader than its ebooks. As a self-publisher, there are plenty of options to choose if you want to self-publish a book to the Indian market.

As soon as you publish your books, they will be available globally. However, it is not easy to win a publishing contract in India.

Many people write a book, but only a few can get it published which also takes up a lot of time and the publisher keeps most of the profits.

Moreover, the traditional publishing industry in India is dominated by big publishers and most of the bestselling authors are associated with them. Below, we collected two services you can choose from to self-publish your ebook: Pothi: a self-publishing and print on demand company in India.

Your books will be sold through Pothi. You can also include video and audio clips into your ebooks and create audiobooks as well. For regional languages the biggest players on the market are Dailyhunt and Matrubharti. Matrubharti is a self-publishing startup platform for regional language writers. It uses subscription service for generating revenues and has developed an author community to translate the content from English to Indian languages in exchange for commissions.

Praying To Get Results By Kenneth E. Hagin

If you want your books to be ready for the Indian market as a non-Indian author, you should consider the following aspects before you publish: Content: if your book is written in English, how do you get that translated?

Technology: converting your book to an electronic format will affect your script and fonts Marketing: to invest in marketing, know your readers and reach out to them One of the most successful self-publishers in India, Rasana Atreya.

Her bestseller novel Tell A Thousand Lies was shortlisted for an award in Rasana left her job to follow her dreams to be a writer. She turned down an offer by a leading Indian publishing company and decided to self-publish her books.

She wanted to keep digital rights, royalties and the entire publishing process in her hands. And it turned out to be the best decision she could have ever done. She also had her books edited, formatted and designed professionally. Home Popular Hindi Titles.

Read more 1. The Clever Farmer Hindi by BodhaGuru Learning This is a short picture story of a clever farmer who needs to cross the river with this goat, grass and a visiting Cheetah. This story helps children to learn about the food chain in animals. After reading the story, the children can ponder over the interesting questions to further enhance their learning and creative thinking.

Naye Ehsas Ke Paudhen by Shashikant Nishant Sharma This is a collection of Hindi poems by the poet expressing his deep emotional and intellectual thoughts through the medium of poetry. His expression of emotions and love in the rhyme and rhythm is unparalleled and we wish his book a great success. Meri Kahani by Ananya Shashi With this collection of poems I try to get the realistic view towards life.

Most of the poetry is for the person who is burdoned with the ways of living the life these days. He is looking for something nice. At one time he shows his anger towards society and on the another time, he tries to find the ways to live the life with good note.

Sometimes in the poem Mobile Yug Ka Chamatkaar he becomes little Read more Free See similar titles.

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The Sacred Lake Hindi by BodhaGuru Learning This is a short picture story of a small boy Aman who landed his grandfather in trouble by not listening to him. This story helps children to learn about different weather conditions like rain, hail, frost, fog etc. After reading the story, the children can ponder over the interesting questions to further enhance their The topics include god, devotion, love, music, nature, earth, patriotism, ego, fantasy and worship. The author, a lady poet, looks at life through her eyes and experience, developed the art of writing poetry in her latter stages of life and thinks that this was a gift given to her by the The Lonely Seed Hindi by BodhaGuru Learning This is a short emotional journey of a lonely seed that is thrown in the soil and how a baby plant grows inside it.

This story helps children to learn about the growth of a new plant from the seed - like the different agents like soil, rain, sun that helps the seed. After reading the story, the children can ponder over the interesting questions to further enhance their learning and creative Great Love Story by Mr.

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This story helps children to learn about the animal reproduction. Colaba Conspiracy by Surender Mohan Pathak A new novel from the King of Hindi crime fiction Jeet Singh's ex-girlfriend Sushmita's rich industrialist husband is brutally stabbed to death. Her stepchildren destroy all evidence of Sushmita's marriage to their slain father, and implicate her in the case along with Jeet Singh.

Jeet Singh, who is known to be able to open any safe in the country, takes it upon himself to clear their names and This story helps children to learn about the human body bones and muscles. They go to a park and meet a beautiful girl Asha. A mishap occurs, but Asha saved the life of Khushi.

This story helps children to learn about various sense organs of human beings like nose, ears etc.Unavailable for download. Nevertheless, Brown predicted the miniaturization and portability of e-readers. See all Product description. You can also include video and audio clips into your ebooks and create audiobooks as well. Share your thoughts with other customers.

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