Howl's Moving Castle is a fantasy novel by British author Diana Wynne Jones, first published in by Greenwillow Books of New York. It was a runner-up for . Howl's Moving Castle book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An alternative cover for this ISBN can be found hereSoph. . Howl's Moving Castle (World of Howl) (): Diana Wynne Jones: Books.

Howls Moving Castle Book

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Her only chance at breaking it lies in the ever-moving castle in the hills: the Wizard Howl's castle. To untangle the enchantment, Sophie must handle the. Enlarge Book Cover · Left hand banner - Howl's Moving Castle. by Diana Wynne Jones. On Sale: 04/22/ Howl . Castle in the Air book image. Howl's Moving Castle is a novel written by Dianne Wynne Jones, released in It was the first book in the Castle Series. The novel is about a young woman.

As the story progresses, she starts to fall in love with Howl, though she does her best to deny it. When Howl begins "courting" Miss Angorian, Sophie is hurt by this. Though Sophie is initially reserved and lacking confidence, she demonstrates herself to be a strong-minded individual after she is transformed into an old woman, becoming less afraid of what others think of her. Dutiful, kind, and considerate, Sophie also has a tendency to be impulsive in her actions and often feels guilty when she does something wrong, though her attempts to rectify matters are usually disastrous.

Sophie possesses magical abilities of her own — she is capable of talking life into objects, though she initially is unaware of her powers. Wizard Howl 27 is a mysterious, reclusive wizard, with a terrible reputation. He is known by a number of aliases; by birth, he is Howell Jenkins, but he goes by "Wizard Jenkin" in Porthaven and his preferred "Howl Pendragon" in Kingsbury.

He is 27 he states that he will soon be 10, days old, which is part of the Witch's curse and known for being "wicked".

He comes from Wales, a country unknown to most in the book, where his family remains unaware of his activities in Sophie's world or of its existence; his sister is annoyed by his disappearances, but he often visits them when troubled. He confesses to Sophie that he is a real coward and the only way he can get himself to do something he doesn't want to is to tell himself that he won't do it. Despite his reputation, Howl is in reality an endearing, charming man who is intelligent, considerate, if somewhat self-appreciative, dishonest, and careless at times.

He enjoys "slithering out" of uncomfortable situations, often in comical ways. Despite his cowardice, he is an incredibly powerful wizard, capable of matching the Witch of the Waste and is only not known as such because he wants to avoid the work that comes with the respect. His bond with Calcifer increases his powers. Howl is tall and suave, fond of dyeing his hair, and wearing impressive suits. He spends at least two hours in the bathroom every morning. He is described by Calcifer as "vain for a plain man with mud-colored hair".

His vanity causes him to throw hysterical fits when Sophie meddles with his clothes or potions. Howl is not naturally handsome, but has "charm", both literally and figuratively. Later in the series, he marries Sophie and they have a child named Morgan.

He is modelled on the Byronic hero. Calcifer is Howl's resident fire demon.

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As the result of a mysterious bargain with Howl some years ago he agrees to heat and power the castle. Although he is bound to the hearth he has a great amount of magic. He promises to use his magic to break the curse on Sophie, providing she breaks the contract between him and Howl. Howl describes Calcifer as "his weakest point", because Calcifer wouldn't give away another demon if it entered the castle, even if it had hostile intentions. However, Howl's statement is true in more ways than one.

Calcifer is powerful, but can be just as cowardly as Howl, preferring to run from the Witch rather than fight her. However, he, also like Howl, will fight when the need arises. He is also fairly crabby and a little mean-spirited, which stems from being bound to the hearth in the moving castle for over five years. He has a natural fear of water, and also worries quite frequently about running out of logs, which are essentially his food.

Sophie seems to be the only one capable of forcing him to do anything he doesn't want to do, a trait she also extends to Howl, and to a lesser extent, Michael as well.

He is also the first one to recognise Sophie's incredible ability to talk life into the world around her, which is the reason he allowed her into the castle in the first place and was so eager to make a bargain with her — if anyone but she were to break the contract he had with Howl, then Calcifer would die. Fortunately, she is able to talk life into him, and he survives losing Howl's heart, even deciding to continue living with them after he is freed.

Despite his misgivings, Calcifer is the most perceptive and intelligent character in the Castle, repeatedly dropping clever hints regarding Howl being "heartless" which he uses in literal and figurative meanings , and not hesitating to give clues on Howl's capricious nature. Calcifer's appearance is described as having a thin blue face, a thin blue nose, curly green flames for hair and eyebrows, a purple flaming mouth, and savage teeth.

His eyes are described as orange flames with purple pupils. He does not have any evident lower body. The Witch of the Waste is one of the most powerful magicians in all of Ingary.

Howl's Moving Castle

She was banished by the late King to The Waste fifty years before the story starts for causing havoc in the country. She and Howl had a brief relationship while she was disguised as a beautiful young woman which led to him leaving her hurriedly. Angered by this, the Witch cursed Howl, so that after a sequence of unlikely events he would have to return to the Witch. She also puts a spell on Sophie at the start of the story, turning her into an old crone. The Witch is also revealed to have made a supposedly perfect man out of the combined parts of Wizard Suliman and Prince Justin, intending to complete the body with Howl's head and make the man King of Ingary and herself queen.

She is killed by Howl at the end of the book. Howl's Moving Castle explores several themes, including: The first two are central to Sophie's progression. Early on, her perceived notion of destiny makes her believe that she is doomed to fail because she is the eldest of three sisters. This is in contrast to Howl, who sees himself as the master of his own fate, unafraid of what society thinks of him or what their conventions demand.

Sophie's self-perceived failure is reflected in the Witch of the Waste's spell, which causes her outward appearance to become old and dull. The novel makes references to many other works of literature. Go and Catch a Falling Star".

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The poem also serves as the inspiration for the terms of Howl's curse. Tolkien 's The Lord of the Rings.

I have an everlasting cold, but luckily I'm terribly dishonest. I cling to that. A traditional Welsh folk song, Sosban Fach , is referred several times in the novel as "Calcifer's silly saucepan song". In an animated film was released, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. Jones and Howl won the annual Phoenix Award from the Children's Literature Association in , recognising the best children's book published twenty years earlier that did not win a major award.

Allusion to the mythical bird phoenix , which is reborn from its ashes, suggests the winning book's rise from obscurity. The song "Take Me to the Witch of the Waste From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Diana Wynne Jones book.

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Main article: Howl's Moving Castle film. Retrieved 23 December Select a title to see its linked publication history and general information. Select a particular edition title for more data at that level, such as a front cover image or linked contents. It's called a 'moving castle' because it literally moves around.

The castle had moved near Market Chipping before Sophie had been cursed, so it wouldn't be too much of a walk. But I'm going to stop here, as not to give anything else away.

Howl's Moving Castle (Reprint) [Paperback]

The book is very well written, and is kind of long, but it should only take you 2 or 3 days to read it if you are a fast reader. It is suitable for children of all ages, but that's expected because they made an anime Japanese animation movie of it. If you don't want to be too disappointed by the movie, watch it first it doesn't look very accurate. So in conclusion, I think this book is very good and won't put you to sleep when you read it.

A few years later, after we had moved from St. The film generally follows the book, but as Jackson noted there are some major differences. I read several reviews by people who actually liked the movie better than the book.

The main complaints about the novel are that it is has poor character development, flimsy story lines, implausible plot devices, and too many words yet not enough real description. Personally, I found the book well-written and generaly easy to read with a fair amount of excitement, but I did note a few concerns.

First, the plot has an almost "absurdist" quality to it. That doesn't necessarily make it bad, but some people may not care for that sort of story. There are some common euphemisms, such as "drat" and "confound it," a few curse-like terms "damnation" and "Hell's teeth" , and one instance of the word "Lord" used as an exclamation.

Howl has as reputation as a womanizer, courting girls until they fall in love with him then dropping them for someone else but nothing sexual is actually implied. References to drinking beer, brandy, and wine occur, and Howl comes home drunk once towards the end.

If you prefer not to have your children reading books which contain magic or witchcraft, you would obviously want to avoid this one.

I do make a distinction between books which I believe promote an interest in the occult, such as Harry Potter, and those where the magic or witchcraft is simply part of the fictional setting of a story. Howl's Moving Castle comes about as close to the former as possible, and only the "absurdist" nature of the plot might keep it from falling into that category. She is a British writer, principally of fantasy novels for children and adults, as well as a small amount of non-fiction.

Some of her better-known works include the Chrestomanci series. Her books range from a broad, almost slapstick delight in the construction of absurd-yet-logical situations, especially evident in the endings of some of her books, to sharp social observation, to witty parody of literary forms. According to her autobiography, Diana has been an atheist since she was ten.

A sequel, Castle in the Air, was published in Honestly what made me want to read this book was the movie. Striving to be content with her lot in life, Sophie encourages her sisters to find their fortunes and sets out to be the best hatter she can be. Es una novela muy naif, los hechos se cuentan como si no tuvieran importancia, y no conoceremos los sentimientos o pensamientos de los personajes.

She uses him to find out about Wales to get to Howl, then casts a spell on him that turns him into a dog. Howl's apprentice Michael Fisher runs most of the day-to-day affairs of Howl's business, while Howl chases his ever-changing paramours.

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